Over 23 years of experience in artesian well drilling, water pump and treatment systems and geothermal drilling.

Well drilling experts


Located at Thetford Mines, Les forages Nelson Gagné / Pompes et filtration TM handles your well drilling projects.

The right professionals for any well drilling project

Wells are a practical method to exploit the aquifer in which groundwater flows. Would you like to build a private well?

Call our drilling experts. We put our 23 years of experience into practice to contribute to the success of your project whether it is in the residential, commercial or industrial sector. We give you an artesian well that meets basic hygiene and health standards.

The success of your project is our only priority.

Well drilling experts

For any well drilling project, please fill out the contact form to get a quote.

Well drilling experts

Benefits of having your own well

A drilled well gives you the advantage of having your own water supply. This installation will cover your needs for drinking water, energy (heating and air conditioning) as well as your daily needs (toilets, bathroom and preparing meals...).

Don't wait any longer and let us know about your project! We can operate anywhere in the Beauce and Estrie regions.

You will have your own water supply.


The standard steps of well drilling:

Project study
Détermination du point de forage
Selecting the drilling point
Installation of all well component parts

Drilled Wells

Located at Thetford Mines, Les forages Nelson Gagné / Pompes et filtration TM has extensive experience in the design and construction of drilled wells.

Years of experience in the design and construction of drilled wells

As drilling experts, we put our skills and experience at your service for artesian well drilling and construction.

We visit your site to conduct a field study and evaluate your water consumption habits then send you a detailed quote. Drilling is carried out in full compliance with safety regulations, be it for our residential, commercial or industrial clients.

Drilling is done in compliance with safety standards

Well drilling experts

For any drilling project, contact our consultants.

Well drilling experts

We use our own track drills

We use innovative drilling techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. If the drilling is in a difficult-to-access area, we use our own crawler drills. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your ideas and project.

We travel to all cities in the Beauce and Estrie regions. We offer a solution best suited to your needs.

We can work in inaccessible areas


Our strengths:

Availability (24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case of emergency)
Advice from experts in geothermal energy
Use of quality equipment (pumps, tanks, water softeners...)

Artesian Well

À Thetford Mines, la compagnie Les forages Nelson Gagné / Pompes et filtration TM met à votre service ses experts en création de puits artésiens.

23 years of experience drilling and constructing artesian wells

Artesian well drilling is our area of expertise. We look for the ideal location for digging the well, taking into account several factors such as the property, specificity of the land and environmental constraints.

Enjoy clear and healthy water all year round. In fact, artesian wells require very little maintenance. If you live in the Beauce or Estrie region, trust us with your project.

We determine the ideal location to dig the well

Do you want to build an artesian well on your property? Talk to us about your project.

Well drilling experts

How an artesian well works

An artesian well is basically trapping underground water to feed your water supply system. You get free and abundant water regardless of the season or climate.

The installation will consist of several elements, including shielding, support, pump, check valve and cover. Well water is basically protected from any form of bacterial contamination.

Drilling artesian wells: the work of professionals


The standard steps of well drilling:

Project study
Water analysis
Water treatment